Sunday, April 05, 2009

A little more swapping thanks - apron pictures

While I sent thank you emails to all my partners, I've been so behind in posting pictures on my blog. Please indulge me and enjoy the pictures!
Check out these cute goodies received during the Atomic Housewives Spring Cleaning swap. I LOVE the cool mini-broom and the commercial fancy cleaning gloves. She also tucked in lots of environmental-friendly cleaning products. My box was PACKED full of goodies!

THIS is my Winter Basic and Baubles package from Jennifer. This was her first swap and I ADORE how she packaged it! She found tons of pink and white goodies to brighten up my dreary winter kitchen.
This gorgeous apron came from Suzee in UT during Laura's Happy Birthday Apron Swap on Swap-Bot. Suzee went above the requirements and included that cute Happy Birthday kitchen towel she embellished AND a cookbook. Of course, my absolute favorite is this new apron. Thank you, Suzee, for using my favorite of cupcakes, pink, polka dots and brights and making this beauty. You are an amazing seamstress!
Here's the apron I made for this swap -- it's my first Lilly apron and it went to Laura's mom, Mary F. I DO like this pattern; I wasn't so sure the first time I saw it but it's quite adorable on. Hope she likes it; I was so very late in sending but hope it was worth the wait.

Speaking of amazing seamstresses, look at this adorable apron Joey whipped up for our St. Patty's Apron Swap over at Booming Aprons. She used vintage fabric for the waistband/ties, and those little tucks are just so perfect. I really like her sewing label, too.

This is the apron I sent to Joey. It's from the Two for Tea Apron Pattern, and I mixed up several green and St. Patty's fabrics. I must admit, I STINK at corners with bias tape!!! I'm sorry that you were the recipient of un-perfect corners!

Don't you want to SQUEAL when you see this cute apron?! Teri from Mary Jane's Farmgirl Connection made this especially for me! She knew I loved red and created this beauty just for me. Isn't so Minnie Mouse-ish?? I wore it while working in the church nursery last weekend, and I got so many admiring comments. It's just so cheery and bright -- I was tickled, too, that the bright red w/white polka dots actually matched one of my crawling babies so I carried her around so we were twinsies. =)

Here's the apron I sent to Terri - It is my first Chatterbox Apron pattern from Mary Mulari - I bought the pattern at the Sewing Expo. I was really stuck during this swap trying to find the "perfect" pattern and fabrics and just couldn't get the time to finish it so was very late, but I MADE time and really love it. I rarely use pastels but was so glad that was her preference because I'm so pleased with how it turned out. It feels very farmgirl-ish to me, and I adore the bodice.


Kebi Cedawna said...

These look great, I love the yellow Chatterbox apron too. It's so springy

Amy said...

I'm so glad you posted a link for the Chatterbox Apron. I've been trying to locate that pattern for some time, but I didn't know what it was called.


My Mom Loves her Apron! I Love it Too!! So Jealous:)

I have to have that Pattern!

Abby said...

oh my GOSH! Your aprons are amazing!!!!!

Cyndi Barker said...

I saw this post and hunted down The Lilly apron pattern. I got it a few days ago and just returned from the fabric store with the "fixin's". Can't wait to make mine!
Thanks for the great photos.

Jenny S said...

I love both the top apron and the bottom apron. The bodice of the bottom one is so cute but I love the ties on the top one!! Since I CANNOT sew I love to see what other people can!!


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