Sunday, January 04, 2009

More Snow!

I cannot believe it, but here we are at Sunday night and we just got more snow! Today has been icy and in the high 20s/low 30s so who knows what tomorrow will look like. The kids had an extra week of vacation due to unseasonably bad weather the week prior to Christmas break. We are scheduled to be off tomorrow and I don't think this will stick around, but I am thoroughly sick of the white stuff. Just so ya know.

On a crafty note, I made an apron today and it's so cute, black/white penguin print for the body with solid red accents and bottom ruffle. This has become one of my favorite apron patterns to use McCalls 5643.
Oh, speaking of McCall's, they are offering a free pattern from their website, Unfortunately, I don't know when the offer ends, and there are a LOT of exclusions (no Designer patterns, so it says I cannot buy this one I used or the cute new one M5720 from Jan Lutz, the Apron Lady) but you might find something you like!

Ooh, I don't know how, but I just got this Apron Lady's pattern for just the $4 shipping. I didn't have to wait for a sale at my local Joann!

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sisjulie1 said...

I went online and found a pattern that qualified for free. The shipping is $4.00 though and Joanns and Hobby Lobby often have patterns on sale anywhere from 1.00-3.00. So, if you don't need something right away you can keep a list of the patterns you want and then get a really good deal on them. Just a tip for frugal moms!


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