Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Busy Week In Review

Sunday - I spent a fun day with some supper swap friends baking cookies at the Dough for Doernbecher event. Mike and a couple of gals from TriMet also baked cookies for a holiday fundraiser.

Monday - After a quick chat with the doctor and PT, I am now wearing a wrist splint on my RIGHT (dominate) hand and keeping my left shoulder immobilized/iced. Not sure what exactly is causing all my pains, but the ibuprophen therapy is helping.

Tuesday - I worked late into the evening preparing for the presentation tomorrow. Working with the brace was NO FUN!

Wednesday - I was able to be part of a panel of home-based business mommies at church, and sold some cookbooks and customized gloves. I totally forgot to mention my supper swapping clubs I'm trying to start, but that will come. Wednesday evening was a meeting the local scouts talking about the upcoming tree recycling fundraiser that the Junior Girl Scouts are partcipating in.

Thursday - Tatum's Yellow Belt test was tonight, and she did Great!! Mike held the board and she snapped that in two before I could get a great shot. The test, unfortunately, went much longer than I anticipated so I was a bit late to our supper swap!

Friday - Tate's had a play date with her best friend, and then I took Molly on a little car ride to go pick her up.
Saturday - It was freezing cold today, and Little T's choir performed a variety of holiday songs outside of Thriftway. Molly was a big hit, too!

Sunday - We got hit with the anticipated snow storm and icy weather this morning. We live in a "hollow" so couldn't get onto the main roads without traction. Mike left early enough to get into TriMet before it really hit, but little T and I were stuck home today. It was nice, though. Fire in the fireplace, puppy and kitties playing, and we decorated the Christmas tree and started on a Gingerbread house. AND, no school tomorrow!

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