Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, I'm exhausted! I had a wonderful weekend but just coming off of being sick really left me dragging.

There was a last minute change of plans so I hosted all day Friday (instead of just evening) and Saturday at Women of Faith and escorted Patsy Clairmont around instead of Marilyn Meberg and Sandi Patty. Although, with paid security this year, I really didn't have much to do except guard her rolling bag and walk in/out of the arena with her. Still, they took such good care of us -- the hosts were all treated to front row seats, meals catered, free VIP parking, our own bathrooms (TRUST ME, that was a biggie at this event), and we were able to enjoy a glimpse behind the scenes of this amazing conference. Everyone is so wonderful and sincere ... the talents are real people, very kind and talented.

Here's a picture of the three of us that worked Friday's preconference. I didn't get a group shot of all the hostesses unfortunately.

My view from the front row. I should have taken more picures.

Mandisa was the surprise hit for me. I adored her performances. What a lovely young woman. Hers is the one album I purchased as a remembrance. You can also see here dramatist Nicole Johnson, singer Nicole C Mullen and Patsy Clairmont (their backs anyway).

I hope I can participate again next year. Hugs,


Dorothy said...

I'm sure the conference was amazing!!!

I really hope to get to go one of these days....I always seem to have a newborn when they come to Boston. :)

Shawnee said...

The conference has still lingered, like a sweet scent. I hope you get one eventually .. heck, bring the babe! They have a nursing mothers room always.


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