Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mommy & Me Swap Status

Mother and Son Partners:

Heidi D-1M
and Lucy B-2M

Angelic J-2M SENT/REC'D and Sandra L-2M (non blogger) SENT/REC'D

Mixed Partners:
Solidia H-3F SENT and Sunny W-2M

Amy B-1F and Holly D-1M

Mother and Daughter Partners

Melinda C-1F SENT and Shawnee H-1F REC'D

Val P-1F SENT/REC'D and Kathleen Angelic J-1F SENT/REC'D

Nicki P-1F SENT and Lucy B-3F

Kathleen B-2F SENT/REC'D and Kelli H-2F SENT

Janel M-1F and Cyndi B-1F SENT

Shawnee H-1F SENT and Becca O-1F SENT

Package will include two (or more) matching/coordinating handmade aprons, adult and child-sized, and a children's cookbook - recycled/thrifted is fine if in great shape. Any other little goodies would be an extra treat but not required.

1 comment:

Nicki Parker said...

Thank you Shawnee for the best swap I've been in so far....I so enjoyed making aprons for Lucy and her 3 girls.

I just posted pics on the Flickr group. Keep the good ideas coming!


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