Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aging gracefully ... again

I do believe I am very tired of "aging gracefully." It seems like every time I turn around, someone is reminding me that I am indeed over 40! Especially those rotten doctors!! I'm gonna smack someone.

I had to wait a few days to share this (getting over the shock), but I had an eye appointment last week because my new glasses from last year just didn't seem right. Well, I finally made an appointment with a different doctor and planned to straighten out the problem. Guess what the verdict is ... I need BIFOCALS!!! I have a lovely new prescription for "progressive" lenses. They should be called regressive, because I'm just getting worse. Now, I've worn glasses and contacts since the sixth grade, but this just seems wrong. I remember my mother getting her tri-focals prescription and being so despondent. Now I understand!

Of course, I hope my new look will be like this

But I'm afraid I feel more like thisPlus, I really need to color my hair. If I don't get out the old bottle every five to six weeks, I actually DO look like this photo. Worse, since it's more like a lovely skunk stripe down my part. **sigh**

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Sarah said...

Don't feel too bad...I'm 23 and my eye doc told me that I needed bi-focals! I was in complete shock!!!!

When I got them they seemed a little bit so I actually went to my normal eye doctor and he said the Rx was just a bit off and I actually didn't need them after all. I am so afraid each time that I go to the eye doc that my Rx will have changed...my fingers are crossed that they don't.


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