Friday, October 03, 2008

Mommy & Me Apron Swap Partners

How exciting, we have 10 pairs of partners for the Mommy & Me/Grammy & Me Apron Swap. I will send you each your partner's questionnaire and contact info. Please email them within a couple of days to confirm your partnership and mailing address. Let me know if you have trouble connecting.

Mother and Son Partners:

Heidi D-1M
and Lucy B-2M

Angelic J-2M and Sandra L-2M (non blogger)

Mother and Daughter Partners

Melinda C-1F and Shawnee H-1F

Val P-1F and Kathleen Angelic J-1F

Nicki P-1F and Lucy B-3F

Kathleen B-2F Angelic and Kelli H-2F

Janel M-1F and Cyndi B-1F

Shawnee H-1F and Becca O-1F

Apron Swap Date: October 20, 2008

Package will include two (or more) matching/coordinating handmade aprons, adult and child-sized, and a children's cookbook - recycled/thrifted is fine if in great shape. Any other little goodies would be an extra treat but not required.

Aprons need to be handmade but you can purchase from Etsy or at a craft market if you would like. Although, I think Lucy's Sassy Apron Pattern and Sew Liberated's Lola/Lolita Aprons would be darling! And, think craft aprons or simple butcher-style for the gents.

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