Monday, September 01, 2008

Rental Update and Favor Needed


I can't believe it's the end of summer. We spent a few hours at the State fair on Friday and it was SO much fun (even though I was scared to death in this shot -- I hate heights!) But, the reality of the season has hit.

Our house hunting has come to a halt for now ... we looked at seven houses in Tualatin two weeks ago and two last week. They all had SOMETHING that didn't work, either too small, too many stairs, not enough storage, too expensive, way too far from out of our choice school's boundaries ... but we had two top choices. Choice #1, he's decided not to move yet, #2 rented the day before we found out about #1 .. then we found one right near our old school ... Mike walked through it while I was at work, we decided it could work and when we called back, it was already rented (this was last Wednesday night). So, I decided to finalize arrangements to keep T at our current school and then the daycare tells me I missed the deadline by one day and she can't start with them until 9/8!

So, now I'm scrambling for after school care for this week since school starts tomorrow here. So, here comes the favor request .. does anyone have any day this week that you could pick up T from school and keep her until 5ish? The big brother should be able to help me a few days, and I'll try to take off early again but I'm getting a little desperate!

This not finding a rental house has been a PAIN IN MY SIDE. Plus, it's been so cold -- our current weather snap helped me remember one of the big reasons why I want to move. BRRR!!! (OK, it hasn't really snowed but it feels like it!)

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Creations from my heart said...

Check out my blog, you have an award. Blessings...Sherry


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