Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wizard of Oz ideas

Help! I joined a Wizard of Oz swap and not I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING OZish to swap!! I've been looking everywhere all summer. I found lots online but the postage is HORRIBLE! I'm going to make an apron with Wiz fabrics, of course, but what else can I send!?! Do you have ideas that aren't official oz but could work? I'm not feeling very creative these days ... the start of school has almost pushed me over the edge between work, trying to find a rental house to move before school starts and getting T ready for back to school.

Thanks friends!


Dorothy said...

Lollipops - from the lollipop guild. A magic wand (any toy store will have one), something poppy related, anything monkey related, little dogs, some kind of ode to home.

Good luck!

val said...

I emailed you 10 ideas through the Apronista site.



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