Saturday, September 20, 2008

Name Winner!

I'm sorry it took so long, but we've finally decided on a name for my darling dress form. There were a LOT of great entries to choose from. Thank you, RAINMA!! I'll be sending you a special apron in the mail soon as a big THANK YOU.

It's ROSIE, as in Rosie the Robot and Rosie the Riveter! (aka Sarah the Barracuda!)


Paula said...

Perfect ~ love it!

Rainma said...

Whodathunkit? I never knew I was the winner until today when the apron arrived.
Here I was thinking it was my apron from Yarni Gras apron swap and it was for Rosie.
It is simply gorgeous and I can't believe all the beautiful work you put into it!
My, I feel so special. First I won 10 gals of gasoline a few weeks back and now this.
Oh, thank you Jesus for smiling down on me again!


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