Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

I made treats for my nursery workers today. Since Mom died in 1997, I couldn't celebrate the day with her so this was my little way of making something special in her name. The ever-popular Red Velvet Cake Balls were, once again, a big hit! I, of course, wore the new apron I received in the "Mothers Work Is Never Done" apron swap and made sure everyone was aware that tomorrow is "National Wear Your Apron Day".

While I didn't receive breakfast in bed, Trevor gifted me with a hummingbird feeder as I requested (an even-nicer version than I expected), Tara and BF Corey came and took little T and me to a wonderful lunch at the Outback after church, Mike made a quick dinner when he got home from work, and Teressa is still cleaning the kitchen after my two-day candy-making adventure. AND, I took a nap! What a lovely day!!

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sauvageblue said...

I want that apron!!!! It reminds me of a vest I made in the 90's out of neckties. Is there a pattern for that apron? Cute, cute , cute! and Happy be-lated Mothers Day to You! I hope you had a wonderful day. I lost my Mother in 1976, I still miss her. I think those Red Velvet Cake Balls, smile sounds funny but they look delicious and are worth a try.


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