Monday, March 17, 2008

I've been sick, too....

While Tatum was sick all the weekend before, this last weekend was all about me. Different ailment, same time waster! I ended up at urgent care on Saturday because there were no same-day appointments on Friday and came home after a few hours with six new prescriptions - inhalers, antibiotics, steriods, codeine cough medicine and more, oh my.

I hobbled into church and was late getting my team started in the nursery so my BFF Kathy (Nursery Director) got them rolling, then my co-Community Builder Michelle was able to get to church earlier than she thought after finished the Shamrock Run so I headed home. I made us some chicken and Chinese dumplings soup yesterday and spent most of my time in bed.

I'm home from work today with more of the same ... medicating, light meals (to help my tummy stay calm with all the meds) and sleeping. And there's so much more I want/need to do. Well, tomorrow's a new day.


Dorothy said...

Shawnee! No fun! Feel better soon!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Hope you get to feeling better so that you can have a Happy Easter.

Take care. :)


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