Friday, February 29, 2008

Family Fun Friday

I'm trying out something new, beginning on this lovely Leap Day, by trying to give some rhyme and reason to my blogging. So, today has been Family Friday -- I left work a few hours early today and volunteered with T4's girl scout troop out in front of our local grocery store selling yummy, delicious cookies (tomorrow, too). The five third-grade girls did a nice job in their two-hour time slot. Then, we were off to pick up T3 from a local bus stop and then we all drove half-hour south to have dinner with T2. Plus, we got to see T2's new Explorer and she's letting T3 borrow her old truck for a while.

We were going to eat at Red Lobster but didn't happen to think about the fact it's a Friday night. They were totally packed so we went about .5 mile away to Sizzler. Less upscale, but filling and delicious. The youngest and I just made it home but what a fun girls evening since the boys were both working.

Tune in every day this week to see what's on my new blogging schedule!

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