Saturday, January 05, 2008

Items for Sale

In an attempt to fill a funding gap while Mike is ill, I am taking orders for custom hand-made items that make unique gifts. I will figure out how to create a Etsy storefront, but in the meantime here's what is available. Email me at shawneeh at yahoo dot com for more information.

Prayer Blanket
Cost: $100 plus materials
This is such a wonderfully personal gift and I selected this pattern because so many of the stitches are in threes (symbolic of the Trinity). Choose your own yarn and provide a list of prayer requests for your intended recipient. The light-colored blanket below was made using 17 skeins of Woolease Thick and Quick in Wheat so is very thick and cuddly, and it was a special prayer afghan for a 70th birthday.

If you would prefer a lighter-weight throw or different colors, here are some other options using about 80 ounces of regular worsted weight yarn (samples from other websites).

Cost: $80 plus materials
For the Spiderman lover in your life! This fun blanket is so kid-friendly when made from acrylic yarn. The one pictured was a commission for a church friend; now you can have your very own! Requires 14 oz. worsted red, 14 oz. blue and 6 oz. black

Felted Bags
Purses and totes are so very popular and I especially love hand-crafted ones. I have an assortment of patterns that I enjoy crafting:

Brachs Bag
Cost: $50 plus materials
This is an intricate pattern I created for a friend and is just the perfect size for taking around town. Everyone comments on the unique styling. Requires six 100 gram skeins of wool (two each of three colors), handles and initial charm (optional).

Ribbon Weave Tote
Cost: $35 plus materials
I adore this roomy bag! The uses for this are endless, as are the adorable color combinations. Requires four 100 gram skeins of wool (three main color, one contrast), and two yards of 1-inch ribbon.

Pikes Place Bag
Cost: $40 plus materials
The last of my favorites, this large tote is a perfect carry-all for shopping or even a diaper bag! My dear friend used her red and pink one to transport a casserole this Christmas and received tons of compliments! I wish I had some better photos .. the green and black tote was made for a friend in Arizona, and the red one pictured is from the pattern. Requires 400 grams pure wool in main color, 200 grams for the contrast.

Winter Hats
Winter has just begun, and I have two whimsical hats that I hope you enjoy. Choose from Silly Sock Monkey or Happy Hello Kitty (Vicki and Tatum are my models)!

Cost: $12 for kids, $15 for adult size


Dorothy said...

Shawnee - good luck in your business venture! I'm praying for you and your family!

Hilde C. said...

I really like your bags, especially the Ribbon weave totes. Good luck on selling your items :-)


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