Monday, November 26, 2007

Catch Up

It seems so long since I've posted but I've been so busy. Little T and I have been alternating days being nauseous and sick all the way through this past weekend.

Two weeks ago, I was volunteering at Portland's Revolve Tour (Women of Faith for girls) but couldn't go Saturday because I was up all night with my littlest and she got sick 12 times before the day was through. Revolve is so cool, too, and I was the host for their MC Brie Reed. Friday night was an amazing time, though.

Last week, T3 (Tess) had oral surgery on Wednesday which allowed her the long weekend to recover. Talk about wiped out for five days straight. She's still pretty swollen and has light bruising, too. But, she put it off for over two years and has had trouble lately with swelling and pain. Please note the grumpy face -- not too happy about having her picture taken, either.

Thanksgiving was an interesting day since I had been sick Tuesday night and then had to come home from work early on Wednesday because I was sick again. Luckily, Mike cooks every year and he's an amazing cook so I was just in charge of cleaning, and generally doing whatever I'm told. His mom and her husband came down from Washington and she brought pies -- she's an amazing baker. All four Ts were home so that made it extra special since it's less often that everyone is together due to schedules and such. I know it will really be interesting once someone gets married.

Then, I didn't get to do our traditional o'dark-thirty Black Friday shopping, again because I got sick to my stomach. Poor Tara did get up and went on her home but came home so bummed out because she missed out on all the super specials she had on her list. The sad thing is that I did make it out later that day and was still able to pick up the few buys I had on my list but they were not high-demand items. The girls actually asked for some handmade gifts this year, so I was excited to purchase yarn for Tara's blanket and material for a Tess' Christmas party dress. I also found a few things to finalize my last swaps. I've resolved to start a new budget/debt-free lifestyle and swapping will have to go.

Speaking of swaps, I am working on my SP11 Reveal Package and trying to find a fun way to let my partner know who I am. I think I going to do gifts that start with letters of my name and see if she figures it out. Or is that too egocentric?

Sunday I volunteered at church and then finished felting a couple of bags. I also started Tara's blanket, worked on my One-Skein project, and am dreaming about what to do with the Karaoke I got from MY sp11 pal. The bag I originally planned ended up taking almost 7 skeins of this yarn (see left) and that's just too much so I'm looking for another pattern. I know crocheting limits me but I just can't commit to knitting yet.

Thanks for reading along ... it helps to post the mundane sometimes.


Dorothy said...

Shawnee, I'm so sorry that you've been sick! And doubly sorry you missed out on Black Friday shopping! I hope you feel better soon!

vegasangelbrat said...

Wow, sure hope the whole household gets better soon!
Great swaps you've gotten too, but I love the color of the bag?? those blues, pinks,purple are gorgeous.
Well wishes sent!


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