Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Prayer Request - Women of Faith

Hi Friends!

I writing with fun news and to ask for prayer cover -- I'm pleased to share that I will be at Women of Faith this Fri/Sat, and will be serving as a volunteer again in exchange for admission. This year my role is as one of the "Hosts", which means I get to escort one of the talents throughout the conference and have reserved seating right by the stage. Luci Swindoll is the talent I'm assigned to! I'm so excited, and can't wait to see what the Lord does!!

Pray that the speakers speak truth into the women's lives and that the attendees are blessed. I want Him to knock their socks off!! LOL!! I also need my family lifted up, that everything goes smoothly for T as she cares for T, that Mike won't be adversely affected by me being gone (timing so I can still wrap his legs, etc), and that my friend Diane has safe travel from southern Salem to serve with me. I also pray that I handle the Host role well, cutting the book line, keeping the star-struck in check, etc. Check out the description Women of Faith sent me - these are big shoes to fill:
"The Speakers and Talent appreciate your ability to be available, yet not intrusive; friendly, but not over-bearing or star-struck; knowledgeable, yet calm and patient. You are invaluable in helping the Speakers during transition times such as entering or exiting the main floor in the bowl; during autographing times; and getting to/from the hotel and arena."

Here's the Portland Host team (most of whom I do not know); if you would pray for us all:
Wrangler/Henry Cloud – Brenda A
Alternate Host – Crystal K
Max Lucado - Perry T
Sheila Walsh - Shirley T
Marilyn Meberg - Susan S-N
Nicole Johnson - Julie S
Carol Kent - Diane E
Thelma Wells - Kimberly H
Anita Renfroe - Stacy R
Patsy Clairmont - Sandra S
Nichole Nordeman - Brenda S
Sandi Patty - Patty L
Luci Swindoll - Shawnee H

God Bless!

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Dorothy said...

I'm so jealous! I missed the Women of Faith conference when it was in Boston. I've been really moved by Sandi Patti's book, and would love to see her perform!

I will keep you, the talent, and the many women who will be impacted by WOF in my prayers!


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