Sunday, November 29, 2015

Secret Santa Swap 2015 - Questionnaire

  1. Do you collect anything?  Yes-- too much! I collect cookbooks, nesting dolls, crockpots (don't laugh!), Shawnee pottery, polka dot anything; although I'm currently in love with anything with lumberjack red/black plaid
  2. What are your hobbies? I love to read, craft, bake, sew, crochet, and watch movies
  3. Favorite colors? My favorite colors are red and white
  4. Are you allergic to any fibers or animals? Food allergies? Allergic to animal hair/dander, and milk in large doses
  5. Do you have any pets?  YES, a great dane/mastiff and two tabby cats (I take a lot of allergy pills)

  6. Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate? NO coffee, YES to flavored teas and cappuccino K-cups, and yes to milk chocolate in small doses
  7. What do you like to read?  I LOVE to read -- culinary mysteries are my fav genre, Christian romances, sci-fi, toofatally-flaky
  8. What is your favorite holiday treat?  My favorite cookie is a Russian Tea Cake/Mexican wedding cookie - shortbread with pecans rolled in powdered sugar
  9. Does your tree have a theme? Kitchen tree is full of my red ornaments, I have a small white tree with mini ornaments from swaps, and our huge rotating tree is stuffed with family ornaments collected over the years (I haven't passed them on to the grown kids yet; I just can't!)
  10. Describe your favorite Christmas/seasonal tradition. I love driving around looking at lights; I love giving gifts anonymously; I love hiding the Christmas Pickle ornament for the kiddos to find; I love setting out shoes and letters to Santa on St. Nicholas Day eve (set out 12/5, St Nick Day is 12/6), I LOVE my Secret Santa Swaps!!!
Want to join the fun?  Registration is open until December 6.  Details at

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jennifer robin said...

I have a new email that I am trying to use exclusively!! jensews247@gmail,com!! My blog is still active,,,!! I am not sure how to tag people. Still struggling with my computer skills!!


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