Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crocheted Skyrim Viking Hat

My grown son saw this Skyrim Inspired Viking Hat online and loved it.

He’s a manager with XBox customer service, so a total gaming geek. I was so excited when I actually found the pattern -- I bought and started it about ten days ago. It goes fast, actually, I just didn't have much time to crochet last week. So, that meant that I was literally stitching the horns on while he had it on his head.
 I’ve added my own secret twist, silver brads that look like rivets. Finished it up Saturday night as he was pacing, waiting to go to a costume party. NO PRESSURE! (it’s apparently very warm so he had to take it off after about 20 minutes or die from heat exhaustion… oh well)

I LOVE crafting something that someone enjoys!


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