Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time Out

And not for one of my four kiddos (three of whom are too old for that anyway). I need a time out. What in the world was I thinking when I decided to cook and blog my way daily through my extensive diet book/cookbook collection? I still LOVE the idea and will probably do it someday, but my life is stuffed full of commitments already without just adding another "to do".

Beth Moore helped me solidify my decision in our final bible study lesson last night (Stepping Up: A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent).
We can't move forward when we load so much onto our own shoulders. I make myself tired and overwhelmed by my own choices and decisions. And I just have to let some things go.  God doesn't do this to us; WE do this to ourselves by piling on more and more.  Lots of things are good, but we are called to focus on the best.

Regular blogging has obviously been one thing I've not done for a while.  I don't know when I will host my next swap, apron or otherwise.  I do have quite a few books I've received to review for publishers, so I need to finish that commitment soon. I work full time to help support our household, so that's not likely to change.  I'm first and foremost a wife and mommy, and my house is crying for my time and attention.  But, my extensive volunteer commitments need to be culled down.  Tough, though.  Some things I've done for YEARS and cannot imagine letting them go.  It was downright uncomfortable to NOT raise my hand and volunteer to be the Girl Scout Cookie Mom again!

Some commitments I will keep and I'm very excited to share online when I can. I'm crafting the centerpieces for our Women's Retreat the first weekend in March, so have about 50 of those to finish between now and then. Stage/chapel decor is my responsibility, along with the name tags and whatever "favor" we will hand out. We go to a good-sized church, so about 225-250 ladies will be attending this retreat on the Oregon coast. It's a HUGE undertaking but also a tremendous blessing and I'm very excited to be part of it.  I'm trying to find another crazy friend who likes to craft to help me out, and have already found a couple that will help there.  The past two years I was responsible for the Retreat snack food/hospitality so this will be more work ahead of time but a little less at the retreat itself. The favor has me stumped, though, to tell you the truth. What is a nice $1-$2 item that can help ladies remember the retreat theme -- Hope Remains? We've done water bottles, one year someone donated scarves, last year we didn't have a favor and just handed out paper bookmark with the $1 going to the scholarship fund. We will definitely have a bookmark again because there's no real cost there. I've thought about personalized lanyards (with the theme and our church name/date), cake pops (but then there's allergies to deal with), a mini flashlight (the retreat compound is spread out and people will go from building to building, sometimes after dark/plus signifying the "light"), stones engraved with "HOPE", or even an assortment of Dollar Tree mini inspirational books. Nothing feels quite "right" yet ....I would LOVE suggestions.

Well, it's been another full day at work/home so I'm going to head to bed. It just feels good to blog a little, and put myself out there. Not very entertaining, I'm sure, but more personal than in a long time. This weekend is my first Women's Ministry Leadership Retreat (not to be confused with above retreat). Time spent in the Word and in fellowship with other lay leaders in the ministry program. We've been working through the book, "Sacred Rhythms", and I need to get on my homework so I'm prepared. My big leadership role this year is actually the SUMMER women's program, so I have lots more crafting, discipling, and organizing to do and share between now and the end of July!



Quiltingranny said...

Shawnee, you and I are so much alike. I am an over achiever and feel I need to step up and volunteer for everything...boy scouts, girl scouts, church potlucks, funeral food, quilts for those in need until I realize, I am getting heavier and heavier and my mental sharpness from keeping up with everyones demand on my time has caused me to tank. Take a Time Out sister, you deserve the break!

superfood sisters said...

Absolutely LOVE Beth Moore!! Have done a few of her Bible studies and have grown so much through her studies!


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