Friday, November 04, 2011

Courageous Review

If you are starting to plan your weekend, then I've got a recommendation for you -- go see the movie "Courageous"!

This smash hit Christian movie is one of the best movies we've seen this year --- we laughed, we cried and I was SO touched. Men are called out and challenged to be the Dads we need them to be, society needs them to be, and God created them to be.

In the movie, the dads signed a Resolution detailing their promises about their role as a Godly father.  Dayspring sent me a copy of this 8x10 Resolution Print that I can frame for our home, and they also sell ones that can be personalized -- how cool is that???  They included Cards for Men-10 Premium Card Assortment to be sent out and encourage men.

If you decide to hit the movies, go HERE for your tickets.  Here's a link to another great trailer.

Disclosure: I received my print and cards free from Dayspring to review but the opinions expressed are purely my own. And I love them!


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