Monday, September 12, 2011

We Love Knot Genie

So my girls have all been blessed with SUPER thick hair --- and not so thick scalps, if you know what I mean. The littlest Miss T is especially sensitive to having her hair "pulled" and heartily complains about the pain involved - particularly after showering. So, I was SUPER excited when I received an amazing product to try, make just for problems like ours.

Their claim to fame: "Magically gets rid of knots. Not to mention complaining. The Knot Genie™ Detangling Brush was created for every mom that has endured the foot stomping and screaming matches that come with brushing their child's hair. With the Knot Genie, even the curliest, most knotted up hair practically slips through the unique bristle configuration – gently and painlessly. Try the Knot Genie on your kids (or on yourself) – you'll be amazed by the ease of brushing, as well as how it virtually stops breakage and split ends. You've wished for hair brushing standoffs to end. Wish granted."

SO. NOT. KIDDING. This little brush, which fits in the palm of my hand, is a little bit magic. We have been able to get through T's thick mane with hardly a complaint - EVEN when her hair is wet. Tatum calls the Knot Genie her "curry comb" (the little horse lover); I call it a miracle. Not matter WHAT you call it, you will love it! AND, I have one to share!! Leave me a message why you need your very own Knot Genie brush and I will draw a winner on the weekend. Good luck!

If you don't win, rush over to the Knot Genie website - the best $20 you'll ever spend!!



mysteryhistorymom said...

Shawnee-This would be a lifesaver at my house! My girls have super thick hair and it is a nightmare brushing it.:( Sadly, they get it from me! Ack! I have never heard of this but I am intrigued and in great need! Thanks for the giveaway! I am having a yummy giveaway myself so please stop by!:) Lori

Lee Ann said...

My hair is long and fine. It has a tendency to knot up at the back of my neck in the middle of the night while sleeping and after showers. Annoying. If this really works, I'd be amazed and get one for my young nieces.

Missy said...

I would love to win one of these! My hair is super thick and almost to my waist! A comb does not do a very good job on my hair when it is wet, if this works I will be super excited!
Thank you!

Iesadora said...

No fair! Why didn't they have this when I was little? I used to get rats nests the size of your fists when I was little!!

I'm in the process of growing out my hair again to donate (my last donated braid was 15 inches long)and would love to give it a try and see if it really reduces split ends. I have a ton of hair but it has a very fine texture and very prone to splitting, frizzing, and poofing. I rarely blow dry my hair to try and keep it healthy and this brush just might help even more. =D

Quiltingranny said...

Shawnee, it would prevent so many tears in our home. Both granddaughters hair is thicker than a braided welcome mat and very coarse. There isn't a brush around that works and this summer for the first time we had to cut the 10 year olds hair it had become to unbearable for her to have it brushed. Broke our hearts! We have tried everything...sprays, leave in's, dual conditioners, TAME, brushing before hair washing.
I would love to try this!

Twinpossible said...

My daughters, my oldest especially gets knots from chomping on her hair and just being unlucky. It takes me a LONG time every morning to get them out and keep her tear free during the experience. Unfortunately it is a daily one. I hate knots on my own hair which happens to, as us twin moms do neglect ourselves sometimes to. I'd be thrilled to win this and spread the word on it. It sounds just FABULOUS!

Many thanks,

Kellie said...

This would be a lifesaver! My 22 month old was blessed/cursed with my thick wavy hair. She hates having her hair combed especially after daddy giver her a bath. It would get lots of use especially if my 8 week old has as much hair as her older sister.

Thanks for the opportunity! God Bless!


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