Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yummy Raspberry Tea recipe

I gave up my two-Diet-Pepsi-a-day soda habit last year when I joined a weight loss challenge at, although I will admit to still enjoying an occasional soft drink.   Now I regularly order lemonade, tea or just plain water with my meals.  I’ve found that I also really enjoy the Lipton Raspberry Tea that is offered at franchises owned by PepsiCo – Taco Time, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc…   Not the best everyday drink due to calorie count but tasty and refreshing.  And maybe a little addictive.  And MAYBE I got just a bit annoyed last week when, as I’m tired and grumpy late to lunch, I head to my nearest KFC specifically with that delicious drink in mind and THEY NO LONGER OFFER RASPBERRY TEA!
Well, what’s a girl to do??  I settled for lemonade that day but I’m not giving up in the quest of my delicious drink – and I’ll save money to boot!

raspberry tea, taste of home
Photo by: Taste of Home
I found a most yummy recipe over at Taste of Home HERE.  Wouldn’t it be delicious at your next patio party or barbeque??  If you have an even better recipe, please share it in comments.  I’m desperate!  =)
(I also shared this over my other site, the Apronista.)



Cindy said... in Texas in our grocery stores on the powdered drink will find all kinds of little carry with you drop into your water.

We love the Arizona pomegrante one.
Also Lipton tea had a rasberry powder in a can to mix at home. I have put this in a little container and carried with me before.

Good luck!! Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Quiltingranny said...

Thanks Shawnee, I love it as well! I also love Crystal lights lemon ice tea and Raspberry, but NOT their Raspberry Green tea! We have plenty of fresh raspberries, so will give it a try!


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