Friday, December 17, 2010

Countdown to Christmas - Days 13 to 17

I have another set of beautiful altered matchboxes to share. Look at these:

DAY 13: The outside of this box is hilarious, with the vintage girlie and "Christmas Tree Faerie" tag. This box actually made me gasp when I opened it. Do you SEE that beautiful silver nest with the baby pearls nestled inside?!?? I cannot WAIT to add that a chain (Oh, Santa!). THANK YOU Wendy from Bliss Angels! Your generosity is overwhelming!!!

DAY 14: Such a professional tag was attached to this box .. but what else did I expect from Christine at I Poked a Badger with a Spoon! Hidden inside is my very own mini banner from the same musical paper that graces the outside of her matchbox.

DAY 15: Francine of The Scented Cottage Studio placed a cute snowman with gold trim outside the matchbox, dangled silver snowflakes from the inner drawer, and placed inside a mini-wreath with a pair of snowflake earrings inside. TOO LOVELY!!

DAY 16: This gracious box has delicate green stripes on the front with sparkling bead snowflake embellishment, and a pair of Christmas light bulb earrings inside. I'm LOVING my new earrings!!! Ruth Graham of Through My Gardens Gate is responsible for this cutie!!

DAY 17: Today's box has Christmas twill tape gracing the outside with an embossed snowman, while tucked inside is a pair of Christmas Angel earrings. Oh, thanks Sandi of Musings of Samiam. I LOVE these, too!!

If you want to see more matchboxes, check out Linda's A Swap for All Seasons!



Christine Edwards said...

What a great group of boxes...all of them so lovely. I've really been enjoying this swap. Glad you like the mini garland. ;-) Merry Christmas!

Pam said...

Shawnee, I received your # 18. Thank you so much. The tux is so cute.

Linda said...

These are all so great!


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