Monday, July 05, 2010

Mamavation Monday - 7/5/10

First, a moment of pause since I did not make it as a Finalist in Mamavation Campaign 5. (Wipe away the tears.)

BIG shout-out to the Six Finalists:

OK now, time to gear up to win the the Earth Footwear's Move It & Lose It Challenge. If I lose the highest percentage of weight during the seven-week camp, I will win $500 and a pair of Earth Footwear!! How cool is that?!? (I really want those shoes.)

MAMAVATION TV: Join us Monday night at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT on Mingle Media TV.

SISTA OF THE WEEK: And a BIG congratulations to @MMScarlett for being the Sista of the Week!

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week's blogging carnival is sponsored by @BSkinz. BSkinz is a fitness line for women full of patterned and colorful compression wear.

PERSONAL STATS: Since starting with Mamavation/BookieBoo on June 21, I have lost 4 pounds, am on day 3 without soda pop, and have logged in 543 cardio minutes! Oh, and tweeted more times since I started with Twitter in 2008. Next week, I will post my beginning weight, measurements and scale picture. Heaven help us! =)


jennydecki said...

((moment of pause)) Now for the awesome part - we get to cheer each other on and you can win CASH!! Looking forward to seeing you tonight ((hugs)) I think you (and your aprons) are amazing.

Shay said...

This is my second week of Mamavation too! :) Sounds like you are doing really good. Congrats on the weight loss! I'm also a bit nervous about posting the measurements & what not!

~Lori~ said...

Im so glad you are enjoying yourself here in the sistahood and finding your way! I think its fabulous you are doing the move it or lose it challenge. Its a great way to keep yourself motivated and hold yourself accountable!

Rachel said...

Sing with me now, "I like to Move it Move it!" You are doing fantastic!! I am so proud of you! I look forward to cheering you on - either as a MM or a co-Moving it partner! :)

Have a fantastic week!! :)

Jess said...

You are doing so good and I know its disappointing to not be a finalist (was there last time) But put all your effort into the challenge and I know you'll kick booty and lose alot of weight! Im supporting you completely


Momma On The Run said...

Wahoo! I'm so glad we will be doing the move it challenge together! Keep up the great attitude!

Rachel said...

So glad you're here with us and STAYING with us! (last time, we lost a few that didn't make the finalists)

Congrats on that weight loss -- that is just flat-out AWESOME!

Thrifty Mama B said...

I know the feeling of not making it as a finalist so ((hugs)) to you. Best of luck with the move it to lose it challenge. Congrats on the weight loss, the no soda and welcome to the twitter addicts ;)

Laura Kelly-Pifer said...

4 lbs is awesome and w/o soda is even better! You are rockin' it!

bookieboo said...

You are going to kick ass on that challenge girl! XXOO

lovelyritaann said...

Congrats on the weight loss and NO SODA!! The soda thing was hard for me to kick completely. It's been over a week for me since I've had not one sip of a soda :)

I'll be right there with you through the Move It & Lose It challenge! Good luck girl!


kia said...

You have a great attitude, post the stats next week and keep the accountability train going.


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