Friday, July 09, 2010

Book GIVEAWAY - Around the Corner Crochet Borders


Crochet Borders
Around the Corner - Crochet Borders
by Edie Eckman

Storey Publishing has THE BEST books! Here is another one is for all you crochet lovers. BRAND NEW, this gem is 315 pages of crochet borders and stitches. AMAZING. Check these out:

Crochet Borders1

Crochet Borders2

Crochet Borders3

Crochet Borders4

When it comes time to put the finishing touches on the edges of a fiber project, a crochet border is the perfect solution. A unique trim transforms all of the most popular knit and crochet pieces, like blankets, scarves, and afghans, into stunning works of art. Edging along all four sides can be a challenge, however, because it requires turning a 90-degree corner with the border without breaking the pattern. Adding too few stitches results in puckering, rounded corners, while adding too many causes the piece to ruffle awkwardly. Unfortunately, most published edging patterns fail to include specific instructions for turning the corner, leaving crafters to fend for themselves.

Edie Eckman comes to the rescue in Around the Corner Crochet Borders, a collection of 150 colorful crochet frames, each with all the direction you need for working around a corner. Instructions are offered as both text and charts for working in-the-round; alternate charts are included for when working back-and-forth is more appropriate. Beautiful color photographs of finished borders, each making a 90-degree turn at the top of each page, allow readers to easily flip through the whole book to select their designs and see the details up close.

YOU CAN WIN your very own copy!

*Contest Rules*
+1 Entry - Tell me what type of project you would make from a new motif
(it's okay to space it out so web crawlers can't pick it up; I just need to be able to reach the winner!)
Bonus Entry: +1 Entry for following my blog and leaving a comment

2nd Bonus Entry: +1 Entry for following my apron swap blog at and leave a comment here

3rd Bonus Entry: +1 Entry for blogging/tweeting about this giveaway and linking back here (leave a separate comment with link to your post/twitter)

4th Bonus Entry: +1 Entry if you leave comment on any other posts on my blog and leave another comment back here

So, five chances to win. Good luck!!
Contest Ends: July 16

Shawnee's Rating: 4 out of a possible 5


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'd just love to learn the borders, the projects would be endless after that! Please enter me too! Thanks.

SovereignCrux said...

Wow what a fun book giveaway. =) Enter me in it please!


SovereignCrux said...

If I read this right, I get to enter again if I say what I might make from this?

Honestly, I crochet and knit and would love to make use of this book. However, my impulse to get the book was for my mother because she is all about granny square blanket making and I think she would LOVE to have more options on borders. So if gained, its use would be toward blankie making. =)

Thanks again!

SovereignCrux said...

Urg! I forgot to paste the url to my facebook for you to verify. sorry.

Thanks lol

Sophia said...

I would love to learn how to add borders to scarves! Even the bottoms of sweaters would be super cute with a crocheted border.
Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I would use it to create a border on the baby blanket I am making.
Would really be able to utilize this book!
Thanks for the giveaway!!

Ripples In Water said...

I think I would start with edging on a scarf, something small since it's completely new to me. Also, maybe a mini blanket/pad for my new kittens. I'm half way through the one I'm working on now so this would be perfect timing!!

Thank-you for doing this give away!

~ Lisa

Ripples In Water said...

Yay I'm following your blog now. Looking forward to see your new posts!!

~ Lisa

Ripples In Water said...

I have a few friends that knit and crochet so I tweeted your give away but I'm not sure how to link to my tweet. Hope this is the right way.

~ Lisa

Yarni Gras! said...

girl, you KNOW I'm in! I am a follower here and on Flirty!

Yarni Gras! said...

okay, here is the linky to my post!

Yarni Gras! said...

and I left a comment on your weight loss post!

Ruhammie said...

I've been eyeballing this book!! I would LOVE to make different pillow case crochet borders with this book, and add different borders to cute girly skirts for a few friends daughters. What fun!

ramie_simpson at hotmail dot come

Paula said...

Wow! What great borders. I can think of all kinds of projects but I would probably start off doing a border on a fun tablecloth.

paulaniz67 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

A really great way to teach myself & others some new borders to embellish projects!!!

Anonymous said...

Would use this book as a reference whenever I couldn't decide on how to finish a sweater edge. Great patterns to choose from!


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