Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Nearly Perfect Day

We're right in the middle of Spring Break in Oregon. Yesterday was a nearly perfect day.

First, no work for me so I actually slept in until 8:00 am! Delicious!! Since getting another puppy last year, I haven't slept that late even on the weekends. Then, Mike got up and spent the morning playing a new board game, Settlers of Catan, with me and T. He's been driving a late shift, so it meant alot to us for him to get a little less sleep in order to spend time with his fav girls. This is a fun family game, good for all ages ... strategy and monopoly-ish but more enjoyable.

Our weather was just gorgeous, too: bright, clear and high-60s/low-70s. After lunch, we chatted about going to the zoo but my one dark spot on the day is that I tweaked my back somehow so I was moving a bit slow.  Luckily, we have a zoo membership so will go another day.  

The three of us made some plans for a garden this year, then Mike headed to a garden store before work while T and I made a quick stop at the library. Next, we had cut some of the lovely daffodils from the yard and visited Mom and Dad's grave. We don't get there often enough it seems, but yesterday was perfect. Found it the first time, too! If you've ever been a National Cemetary, you might understand what I mean. Dad served in World War II and so he and mom are buried at Willamette National; that place is HUGE! My personal map is go to "our" section, stand near the third tree to left and look straight ahead to the massive tree in the distance, then march forward and stop at the 13th row of headstones. There they were. We all had a nice chat.

One goal during spring break is to set up a better homework station for T. She's been struggling keeping everything together, finding and turning in all the assignments, etc. So, we made her desk in the kitchen more functional and took a special trip to IKEA for some additional organizers. I had to take the trip nice-and-slow with my silly back. There's so much to see, and you gotta love those prices.

My favorites include:

This nifty magazine rack for organizing topic folders for $9.99
A very cool Magnetic Chalkboard for $14.99.  I'm very much tempted to keep this for near the front door.
And a fun desktop drawing paper roll for only $5.99.  The roll of paper was only $4.99!  I should get more of these - I keep thinking wrapping paper or using their drawing paper for pattern tracing ....
After we made our way through the giant store, there was one item that I had found online that couldn't find in the store. It was only $5 but I needed it for my Nancy Drew swap. In the Nancy Drew movie that came out a few years ago, Nancy carried one of Hannah's homemade lemon bars in her purse in a nifty little metal tin. I"ve been on the lookout everywhere and look ...
aren't these perfect?!?  The three-pack was only $4.99!  So, we loaded our treasures in the car --- spending less than $100 - I can't get out of Costco for less than $100! ---- and I drug T back into the store to find these babies.  Up on the second floor of the warehouse, in the far left corner of the maze, there they were.  *sigh*  We then cut through the "no merchandise beyond this point" area because I was NOT walking through the whole building again and marched straight to self-pay, going in the out area.  I got all wild and crazy, and treated us to a non-fat frozen yogurt cone, too.

We visited a few more of the shops in the area of IKEA, and then stopped at Target for T to finally spend her birthday gift certificates.  She purchased a new Ninten-dogs game for her DS and a carrying case, too.  I zipped home and made Four Cheese Tortellini with Peppered Flank Steak, and we played another round of Settlers of Catan with big brother.  Then, it was off to read a bit in bed before an early lights out.


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