Sunday, December 20, 2009

Heidi's Homemade Christmas Swap Recap

I have so many cute Christmas pictures to post but I am once again having camera issues -- first the battery recharger was missing, now the cord to upload is nowhere to be found. *sigh* So, my decorating open house will have to wait. I hope you enjoy a little recap from a recent swap.

Heidi from Foxgloves, Fabric and Folly hosted a Homemade Christmas Swap this fall, the criteria being to spend no more than $15 and include at least one nicely made homemade item and tuck in some goodies if funds allow. My sweet partner, Renee, swapped emails and shared wishes and preferences. Our packages were received earlier this month and check it out:

Look at this cute packaging - she used old sewing patterns! I LOVE it!!

This darling wreath is full of beautiful goodies - I really like the crystal garland and those beautiful birdies!

Look at this sweet vintage apron with the hand-stitched bird pockets

Then, a SECOND vintage apron, hostess style this time and super sweet.

Renee is a mixed media artist and she just stuffed my package ... altered composition books (with I Love Lucy and vintage pinup girls - my favs!), handmade tags, note cards, and so much more!!

I only took pictures of my big gift for Renee but also tucked in some vintage pink ornaments and chocolate.
She asked me for a cream/white Christmas tree skirt in shabby chic style. I've NEVER made a complete circle and had a few mathematical issues that I didn't contemplate. I found some drapery lining fabric on clearance and cute out the largest circle I could, ala-snowflake style. Then, I bought a plush throw with the plans to use it to trim out the edge of my skirt in a fur-like feeling. I also bought some beautiful ribbon and sewed that on the seamline between the "fur" and the skirt. Finally, I laid out my finished product to admire it. Note to self - straight strip of fabric around a circle does not lay flat - at all!! After holding back tears and pulling myself together, I decided the only way to salvage my creation was to cut the fur and insert a "gore" of some sort. I had some tulle I thought might work - hubby thought it looked strange but my co-workers encouraged me and I'm so glad they did. I added some cream/gold buttons and, well, here it is. I really wanted to keep it!

It lays flat! (okay, fairly flat) - whew! I was so stressed. I think I'll make one of these for OUR family next year!! Do you have any crafting nightmares to share?


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Wow, looks like a fun swap, love the aprons!

The Kat's Tail said...

Yes, I tried to crochet a scarf with an open weave. When I was done it looked like I had played tug of war with it. My daughter loved it anyway.



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