Friday, November 06, 2009

It's a Zoo Here

My house is bursting at the seams with animals and I can't take it tonight! We have a tabby cat and our mastidane puppy. However, our middle daughter needs us to watch HER tabby cat for a couple of weeks. Which is okay even though he doesn't really like our cat; he's not afraid of the dog who just wants to play with him. The final straw, though, is that our oldest daughter needed us to watch her puggle while she's out of town for four days ... Evil Sadie is baaa-aack!
That dog thinks she's the head of every house. It's sad, really, to see her standing over Apollo, growling, while he's flat on his back ... he's three times as big as she is!! But he's just a sweet puppy who wants to play, and she wants to be in charge. So, I have to spend all my time refereeing them, locking them in their kennels (and listening to whining), or taking them for a walk - which is HILARIOUS as I'm being pulled in two different directions. And, they're both SO STRONG.

I really need to sew tonight but I'm so distracted! Hurry up Sunday night (Tara's flight is at 5pm)!

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