Sunday, October 04, 2009

Dog Food Taste Test

Well, Apollo's veterinarian says it's time to transition him off of the puppy food. He's only four months told, but giant breeds like him will grow too quickly on puppy chow. So, we went to the local pet store and they gave us several samples to try. We set up a taste test of the following high quality dog food brands:

I set up a simple test, loading the food onto four paper plates and wrote the brands on each one. Once he was hungry for din-din, we had him sit and quickly set down all four. SO FUNNY!! He really sniffed and snuffled each one, then set right to eat on Wolf King (made with real bison). Once that was gone, he headed over to Wolf Cub and gobbled that down too. Finally, with apparently some room to spare, he split the rest of his dinner time equally between the remaining two.

So, Solid Gold's Wolf King it is!!

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