Saturday, October 17, 2009

Busy Week, Quiet Saturday

Did everyone else have a busy week? I always forget how hectic autumn can be when I'm in the middle of summer. So, I tend to over-schedule once things get ramped up again. Not as bad as last year but here's a sample of what I mean.
Mondays -- There's a terrific puppet ministry at our church and this is first year that T was eligible to join. She's loving it! Practices are Monday evenings from 5-6:30 pm and then we'll have several performances in the next few months. It's Heros on TV, too, but I'm not loving it as much this year.
Tuesdays -- One Tuesday a month, T has Girl Scouts. This is the ONE activity she would not give up when we were talking about schedules that year. We found a new troop since we moved half-hour from the last one, and they're sweet. (I'm their new Cookie Mom, but that's a post in itself.) This week we were all set but illness got the leaders' daughter. So, next week is the first official meeting of the year. This is also the only night I love TV in the week -- of course, there are THREE shows on at the same times that I love. Thank goodness for DVRs on two sets!! My favorites are The Biggest Loser (yeah Abby, boo Tracey who I thought I'd love), NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service), and their new spin-off NCIS-Los Angeles with Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J.Wednesdays -- The only thing going right now is that T has school choir right after school for an hour. This week, I had my Chill MAMAs over for Sausage Lentil Soup and an evening to talk about our first year of Supper Swapping. The evening was made a bit stressful because my honey helped me out. Read more here.

Thursdays -- Ok, one more activity for T but just for a few weeks. Her new school offers Enrichment Classes like the old one did, and they're so fun. Parents and teachers volunteer their time to share their knowledge with the kiddos. T's very excited about her Advanced Arts and Crafts class for 45-minutes after school into December. This week, they made adorable hand-stamped cards.
Fridays -- Shockingly, we normally have nothing going on Friday nights. This week, T went to her new friend's house after school and had a wonderful time. Then, we headed to the local dog park with her Tualatin best friend and their labrador, Buddy. We spent an hour or so letting them run themselves ragged and stayed until just after dark. That is SO necessary for our sanity as a family; it's so not fair to our dog to keep him in the house, and he gets rowdy if he's not exercised enough. The fun part about the dog park is we've met two of Apollo's littermates, Suki and Inga. They both live nearby, unbeknownst to us, and we met there. The puppy above is a new friend, a Great Dane puppy named Henry. He's only two months older than Apollo but he's HUGE!

Saturdays -- T and I have been attending morning Puppy Obedience Classes with our sweetie. Today was "Graduation Day" and we somehow didn't fail. He only stole the class props a few times, didn't have an accident on the floor like those silly beagles =), although he couldn't fit through the tunnel so was given a free pass there, and we didn't have any cool tricks to perform other than "Sit" and "Shake". Next level classes are starting next week and I'm trying to decide if we're going to keep it up or have a short break. We really need the help, though, and it DOES wear him out.....Sundays -- We attend church regularly and I volunteer every other month in the nursery. We're also getting ready to host a small group in home in the early evening. Small groups are a great way to make our big church seem smaller, and to make new friends who are also believers.

Add in regular exercise, bible study, crafting, dog walks, sewing, LAUNDRY, and that's a typical week for our family! How does that compare to yours?

Today was super special ... T had two girlfriends over and they are so good together. It was a fun day. Now, we're watching Twilight and I can't wait for bedtime. =)

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Turtles In North Dakota said...

Boy I thought after our move my schedule would lighten up. It did as far as kids are concerned but now that we live so close to , well everything I am ALWAYS on the go...Getting very tired of it.

BTW LOVE biggest looser.I love all the people playing and dont really have a favorite. I do however know for a fact that I cannot stand Tracey.Yucky woman.I know she is playing the game but dang!


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