Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mother Day Swap - Matches Posted, Emails to Follow

Matches are done!! Look for an email late tonight with your partner’s contact information, and please be sure to reply so I know you got the info. I'll add the blog links later, too. =)

Cara M (3M) and Lucy B (3F)
Gretchen M (3F) and Desiree S (2F)
Abby B (2M) and Casey RT (1M/1F)
Irene S (2F) and Megan P (1M/1F)
Cyndi B (1F) and Melinda C (1F)
Jodi W (1F) and April M (1F)
Amy K (1M) and Tara R (1M)
Bridget C (1F) and Shawnee H (1F)
Shawnee H (1F) and Alice S (1F)


Anonymous said...

ohhhhh very exciting .... thanx for organizing this one!! Looking forward to your email.

Alice said...

Can't wait!

Tara said...

I'm very excited! Can't wait to find out what they'd like!

Alice said...

I didn't get my email. Should I be concerned?

Tara said...

Shawnee, when can we send the packages? I don't want to be too early this time, but it's ready to go! Let me know! Thanks.


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