Monday, February 02, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry

FOR TODAY Monday, February 2, 2009 (Groundhog Day)
Outside my window... all is dark and still sleeping in preparation for a new day
I am thinking... about work. A glitch found and how to fix it, quickly.
I am thankful for... the solid knowledge I am saved and that God loves me no matter what. Everything else in my life can be slippery at times, but this knowledge keeps me grounded.
From the kitchen... a shiny sink beckons. I did a Flylady baby step last night without even planning it. I need her order. It's Tex Mex Steak Burritos tonight, a 30 Day Gourmet recipe from years ago.
I am wearing... pjs and a robe, preparing to shower and begin my day.
I am creating... five aprons are cut and ready to finish, taxes and FAFSAs need my attention, and I have a couple of crochet projects promised including a crochet cupcake that is MONTHS overdue.
I am going... to work soon, another 9+ hours away from what I really hold dear.
I am reading... a book aloud to T, The Year of the Dog, and just finished Jodi Picoulet's Vanishing Acts.
I am hoping... for a fresh new week where the days go smoothly and there's laughter in the air.
I am hearing... the furnace running and running. That sounds reminds me of our $592 electricity bill this month. THAT is the big thing I hate about this drafty farm house, almost $600 and it's still cold in here all the time.
Around the house... the puppy is nuzzled at my side while the cat enjoys his breakfast in the other room, Mike is sleeping after working a swing shift driving bus, it's time to wake T so she doesn't miss the school bus, and I see I have a lot of decluttering to do!
One of my favorite things... is connecting with other people in a real way. Please leave a comment if you're reading this entry.
A few plans for the rest of the week: the mundane (chores, taxes, laundry) so I better plan some fun. I think we'll go to the movies on Saturday and I'll let T invite a friend over too. I get to connect with my friend Kathy to celebrate her recent birthday.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
All looks dark, but a new day is just over the next hill.

Join in the Simple Woman's Daybook Entry. What a restful exercise.


teachermomof2 said...

Shawnee~I love your photo of the dawn. Beautiful!

Your day book brought a smile to my face.


Love Bears All Things said...

Love that surnrise! Your week sounds busy but fun.
Mama Bear

Kebi Cedawna said...

Great post :)
The photo is beautiful and encouraging.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Aubrey said...

Thanks for sharing your Daybook! Your header caught my attention; our youngest son is named Isaiah. The verse which predicts the coming of Jesus moved us because we had prayed for a son (to be a brother for our Noah) and, "unto us, a child was born, unto us a son was given!"

What a beautiful picture you shared. Sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking! :)

Cheers from Nebraska!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for entering my giveaways!

Miss Jocelyn


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