Friday, January 16, 2009

My Blog in Review

Well, my 3rd Blogoversary is coming up in about 18 days on February 3. Oooh, that means it's my GOLDEN 'versary since it's the Third on the Third! Here's a pictorial review of what I've been focused on these past three years.
I started with my first post talking about my crazy family, spent a long time focused on crochet and cooking, moved, and then became obsessed with aprons. My future blog focus will be more about sharing with others - recipes, tutorials, scriptures and insights, still some swaps - and making lots more friends I hope, both online and around home, too.

As a big thank you to current friends and readers, I will be hosting a "Golden 'Versary Giveaway" with a trio of prizes. Come back soon for details!

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Tulsi said...

Happy Blogversary!!!


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