Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hummingbird Happenings

As I stepped outside to encourage our new puppy's housetraining habits, I was dive-bomed by a hummingbird! Apparently, they're still around and a little ticked that I was falsely advertising food with an empty feeder. He even sat on the feeder and waited while I ran and grabbed my little camera. Then, I hustled back in and filled it up!

Unfortunately, our unseasonably cold weather started freezing the hummingbird food right away.
I was able to catch my pretty bird in flight.
I was worried about my little new friend, especially when I just saw him sitting on a branch. I soon found out that the reason he was just sitting instead of eating was so he/she could ensure NO OTHER bird got to eat. It was a bit sad to see how much energy this little one expended to keep others from being able to enjoy a bit of the goodness, too. We humans are like sometimes. Wasting energy needlessly trying to protect our territory or our "whatever" (insert idol here) ... instead of relaxing and sharing God's bounty.

I hope you are enjoying and sharing God's bounty this Christmas!

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