Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dough for Doernbecher!

Hey Portlanders! Here's a terrific way to Save Money and Support Doernbecher Children's Hospital. My supper swap group is going to the Cookie Bake Event, but if you can't make THAT, here's your access to very affordable and delicious cookie dough.
Five pounds of sugar cookie dough for $5.00
Chocolate chip cookie dough for $7.50

Dough will be available Monday, December 8th after 12 pm at your local branch of Rivermark Credit Union. You can also ask if your branch has any extra dough for purchase December 9 - 11.

What is dough for Doernbecher?
In conjunction with the Safeway Clackamas Bread Plant’s Annual Cookie Bake Event, Rivermark Community Credit Union partners with the Doernbecher Foundation and the Bread Plant to produce 5-pound bags of sugar cookie dough. All of the cookie ingredients are donated and all proceeds go to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

This year’s 25th Annual Cookie Bake takes place at the Clackamas Bread Plant on Sunday, December 7. Call 503-557-4101 for more information.

Save Money and Enjoy Easy Holiday Baking!
This versatile cookie dough is made with high-quality ingredients and makes a great gift for family, friends and neighbors. The same amount of dough in the grocery store would cost around $15!

pdf file Top Ten Tips for using your Doernbecher Dough!

For more information, please call Rivermark at 503-626-6600 or e-mail us.

Order Now

Allergen Information: There are no nuts in the formula. Dry Milk, butter and wheat are present.

Get Acrobat Reader The Top Ten Tips is in Adobe Acrobat Reader Format.
If you do not currently have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download a free copy.


Doernbecher CU 4 Kids

Safeway Bread Plant

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