Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lovely Lunch

Our oldest daughter surprised us this past Tuesday with a quick visit. I had the day off from work and it's Mike's regular-day-off, so we were just headed out to have some fun with Little T and Miss Tara joined us. Well, once we convinced the youngest it was TOO HOT to do putt-putt golf, we settled on a late lunch instead. (I'm not the only one who can justify eating instead of exercise, am I??)

We ended up at a new-to-us Moroccan restaurant in town that was Divine! Dar Essalam has an easy to maneuver lunch menu, gorgeous authentic interior and the family that owns it and serves you are so sweet. Dee and her son were so gracious to us, made the youngest feel right at home and we all chatted comfortably for quite a while. I know Tara loved it; we had TWO orders of hummus appetizers and I still only got one wedge of flatbread! The kabobs (lunch-time specialty) were so flavorful, and we had a combination of presentations and flavors, but the best was last -- dessert! We all shared the Casablanca Dessert for Two; twenty minutes to prepare but worth it. It's a phyllo pastry stuffed with fruits like pears, peaches, strawberries and bananas, sprinkled with powdered sugar and toasted almonds and then topped with vanilla bean ice cream. YUM!

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