Monday, July 28, 2008

Day T-1 of Apron Marathon - 10 PM UPDATE

Today has been very productive. My aprons are getting even cuter, if I say so myself - or I'm getting punchy. Anyway, it's a good thing I've been steadily buying fabrics and notions for my stash -- I'm not going to have much left!! The last three aprons I made tonight are just fun ... one is pretty rectangular but made with cupcake and polka dots fabrics and trimmed with lace; another is all chocolates from a box with pink and green accents; and the third is my favorite lime green with funky black & white polka dots chickens!

So, I have 16 (or is it 17) done. However, I do need to sleep, finish packing up the ingredients for my actual class PLUS have to go back to work tomorrow. Keep praying for me to finish strong. I really want to bless the ladies in my class. I've tried to have a large variety of styles, sizes and colors for them to find the one that talks to them.

Oh, and if anyone see the housework fairy, please send her my way. Non-stop sewing since Saturday has left a lot of be desired at my house -- especially the dishes!! Hope we can find some clean tupperware or something for cereal in the AM!

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