Monday, June 09, 2008

Day One of Mega Apron Marathon

I cut out three patterns tonight. My strategy is going to be to make at least two of each pattern I do, translating my make-ahead-meals method into sewing ... assembly style saves the most time! So, while I may not finish one every day, I should be able to get 7-10 done in a week by working on several at one time - right?

I have lots of cheerleaders (literally) so I'm feeling pretty confident this is doable. However, I do have a few more non-Marathon aprons I need to finish, too. (fingers crossed)

Here's my new apron avatar ... isn't she a hottie?!? That's the way I want to FEEL ... happy and sexy even while blessing my family by cleaning, ya know?!?


Giabella Designs said...

You are CrAZy! That is so much on your plate!!!!! Good luck

val said...

love the new avatar!


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