Friday, May 09, 2008

Come Swap with Me!!

I don't know if all my dear friends are aware, but I occasionally sew in addition to my other crafty and cooking pursuits. A couple of months ago I started a swap on my blog where strangers all signed up and agreed to make an apron for a complete stranger and receive one in return. It was a huge hit! Just over 55 women crafted flirty-guaranteed-to-make-you-smile aprons for strangers and received little packages of love in return.

So, do you sew at all? Are you enchanted, like I am, by the cute aprons, patterns and fabric available? If so, please join me!! I have a contest all ready to go, too, so at least do that even if you don't want to commit to sending a package. Here's the message I sent to the participants of my first swap. Follow the links and join me!! You'll make some new friends along with way, I know. Crafting is such a fun release for me!

OH YEAH -- I forgot to mention that Monday the 12th (yes this Monday) is National Wear Your Apron Day. If you decide to wear your apron in public (it would be easier if you had joined my first swap but...), email me a picture of you in your apron and I'll post it on the swap blog!!

I had so much fun, I'm ready to start round two! The contests are back! The fun in-progress photos are back! The flirty aprons are back!!

I procrastinated a wee-bit so you will only have a 10-day window to sign-up. As an incentive to promote our fun swap, you can earn several entries in our first giveaway for THIS amazing apron from Lana's Sassy Apron shop:Flirty Apron Swap II – Celebrating Independence
Last Day to Sign Up: May 15
Last Day to Mail Packages: June 15

Visit the re-designed Flirty Apron Swap blog for all the details!! Aprons are not restricted to only red/white/blue. Everyone who signs up for the Celebrating Independence swap will be invited to be a contributing author, to post pictures and other entries. I hope you'll join me again for some summer fun!!
PS - I still have room for two more sponsors if you'd like to advertise your website/Etsy shop.

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Anonymous said...

So nice!!
Mama from France from
Swap world gift community, penpals and friends all over the world


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