Thursday, April 10, 2008

WOW, Thank You Jen!

I received a beautiful package from Jen today! It started with the sweet pink packaging, ribbons with cute little animal stickers everywhere. My DD was thrilled. My "accessory" is a small 5" fine edge Santoku knife that is just the right size for me - thank you so much! My hubby is already eyeing it so I might occasionally share ... when he makes dinner!

Then my wonderful apron was unwrapped. I adore it. Jen learned how to applique, just for me! Aren't those cupcakes to die for? This apron is large enough to totally cover me, it's reversible, the trim on the pockets is so sweet, the buttons at the neckline add such a special touch .... it's even make of the some of the same material that I used in MY partner's apron. We are definitely on a wavelength here.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, JEN. I feel special!

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Jen said...

Wah-hooey! I'm so glad you like it. It was so hard to put in the mail because I liked it so much!

I still have a package to send you to supplement that one, but I have to get time to box it up and put it in the mail. This week was horrific. I'll let you know when I do send it.

BTW, the knife is my favourite kind -- I have a larger version that I use for everything. Literally. And that one I sent you will be great for all the veggies in the cashew chicken.



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