Saturday, March 08, 2008

T4's sick again

Poor little squeaker is sick AGAIN. This time, she has been in and out of the restroom all day with some horrible stomach bug. She's finally sleeping but I had to change plans that I had made to attend the Crochet Guild meeting. Our president, Sherry, arranged with the Tigard library to set up a display in recognition of National Crochet Month and I have several articles that are to be displayed. Hopefully I can get everything to Sherry tomorrow even though they put most of it out today after the meeting.

On an up note, I was able to work on my C'ville partner's gift in between cleaning up Tatum and rubbing her back, etc. I decided to go with the sophisticated Chanson En Crochet in a delicious peacock blue angora that I purchased when The Cozy Ewe went out of business last year. I hope she LOVES it --- I'm about 75% done and just started it yesterday. I can't wait to post pictures, 'cause it's gorgeous. Luckily my partner's in Australia and they're heading into Fall so the Angora should be nice and cozy.

The only thing I didn't get to do is sew ... I'm having apron-itis and really want to get some cuties made!

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