Monday, February 11, 2008

Crochet Funk

Well, I've been in a bit of a crochet funk lately. That happened right at Christmas, too, but crafting from my Ravely queue on the Boteh Scarf seemed to help. Now, it is back. I have so many WIPs but haven't hardly touched yarn in weeks.

I especially want to finish a thank you gift for my boss at work. Her family loves lambs and this is a lime green blankie with several lamb appliques for a new grand-niece adopted from China that lives on the east. I also want to make the baby's big sister a matching lime green scarf with lambs. Of course, she also has a a grand-nephew and grand-niece that live nearby so I really should make THEM lamb goodies, too. Maybe that's why I can't get anything done -- too much! LOL!! Actually, part of it is because the blankie is made with a slow stitch pattern (sc, dc repeats, back and forth) - cute texture but b-o-r-i-n-g to crochet.

On fun news, I finally attended a chapter meeting of the local Crochet Guild. I'm a charter members and we're just one year old but I haven't made a meeting in FOREVER. I brought said green blankie to work on but forgot the plan was to assemble charity blankets from squares the chapter president made. Actually, we ended up just laying out squares in eye-pleasing color combinations and then bow-tied them together. I took home one to assemble so there's a new WIP!

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lauriec said...

I went thru a funk as well----I'm slowly coming out of it & have been able to knit a bit!

Sending you some mojo!


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