Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rectangular Felted Shoulder Bag

I am playing angel to a sweet gal who did not receive her Fall Felted Bag from the exchange. She is a "less is more" gal so I had to restrain myself and tone it down. I LOVE how this bag turned out. It's all HDC, crocheted in the front-loop-only, and the end product is nice and smooth. She really wants a shoulder bag but I didn't like how my i-cord turned out so I sewed on these purchased handles.

Then, I decided it was just a bit too plain so made this Quatrefoil Octagon motif, felted it and attached it to the front. Oh yeah, and it really needed some help to keep its nice shape so I added magnetic snaps.


Anonymous said...

That's so nice of you to be an angel for someone who was left out... I did that too, with the dishcloth exchange I participated in. The recipient really seemed happy with her goodies, when previously she was so bummed. Your recipient is lucky to have you as a pal... that's a nice bag!

There is one last thing -- a nice little package will be shipped to you tomorrow, so you should get it in a week or so!

Your SP11 pal :)

Mystery Pal said...

That is a really awesome bag! It's so sweet of you to be an angel! Right now I actually have an angel of my own for the Fall Felted Bag Exchange. I can't wait to see what she sends me!

You're such an awesome person, and I hope you love the package that I'm sending to you! I put it in the mail on Friday, but I actually have to put a second package in the mail. I was packing boxes in a hurry and two of the items got left out!! So you'll be getting two packages!

Anne said...

OOh that's really nice! I so appreciate you angeling - and I KNOW that bag will be appreciated - it's gorgeous!


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