Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Blog for Mike

Hello friends,

I have created a place for updates on Mike's health, You can check in when you think about it, or if you want to subscribe, you will get an email whenever I post an update. To subscribe, go to his blog and put in your email address or click here. So, I won't keep sending out these emails and will be updating the blog instead.

Yesterday, his pain ended up going through the roof when they were a bit late with his pain medication and it took several hours to bring it back under control. They are concerned about what's going on in his leg and have ordered a CT scan. However, the machine at Kaiser won't work for someone his size, so he's being sent this morning to Portland Imaging. I pray for a pain-free and safe trip, clear read on his condition and excellent prognosis. He felt some pain in his bone right above the knee yesterday so that's a point they'll be looking at.

Mike was pleasantly surprised yesterday with several visitors. Pastor Dave Carr from Rolling Hills visited for a second time and that was very encouraging to us both. Then, fellow driver and long-time family friend George Brown stopped by - George is the one who encouraged Mike to apply at Trimet after Mike had been laid off from the high tech industry for 2.5 years. Mike and Trev's friend Rich stopped by, and he's coming back today with his wife Sunny. Finally, we ended up the evening with Trevor coming to spend several hours with his dad. Tatum was at a playdate/sleepover so I was able to stay at the hospital until about 10pm.

Thanks again to all my ESD friends -- Connie bought Mike a mocha, Sarah delivered it and then Cindy treated me to dinner from Baja. You guys make it easy for me to just be with Mike.

Mike's mom Karen and Luis are coming to spend time with Mike this morning since I need to shop for a cooking session on Sunday afternoon. Tess will help me get ready today before she goes to work, then Tatum and I will head up to Kaiser. I need to be at my Oregon City session by 1:30 on Sunday until about 4pm, and could use some entertainment for Tatum if anyone is interested in helping out that way. Tara is also coming up on Sunday so she might help with T or maybe she'll help me at the session ... we'll see.

We appreciate all your help and prayers.

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Dorothy said...

Shawnee, I'm still praying!


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