Tuesday, October 16, 2007

HOSTING two swaps

Hi friends!! I'm hosting two swaps at swap-bot and I hope you will join with me! They are each unique in their own way. Click on the logos to sign up.


I've felt a bit selfish with all the swaps I've been doing lately .. you know, giving because I know I'll get something nice in return. Well, as the Christmas season is approaching, I'd like to get others to join in a giving event that my church participates in with a major charity. This is a different kind of swap sign-up, where you give instead of receiving.

You will fill a shoebox for a needy child, drop it off at a collection spot near your home or mail it into national headquarters along with $7, and then send your swap partner pictures and description of what you've done. For hearts, follow a theme of some sort in your choices.

The official website for Operation Christmas Child is http://www.samaritanspurse.org/OCC.asp?MPGID=1. They have a page that describes how to pack your box at http://www.samaritanspurse.org/OCC.asp?MPGID=1. There are some content restrictions so please read through this link. Feel free to email me with questions.

This is my first swap to host. Newbies with complete profiles are fine, but you must not have any no-sends in last three months.

While this is a Christian charity, you do not need to be religious to send a gift to a needy child. Add this to YOUR list of swap -- you'll be so glad you did!!


My daughter gets so excited when my swap boxes arrive that I'd like to have a package arrive just for her! You will prepare a Christmas swap package for a girl ages 3 to 13 (give your daughter/granddaughter's age and interests in the Discussion section).

Spending limit $20, including one handmade item. US swap only due to postage costs. There's lots of time so please be creative and only send items you'd like your child to receive. Please give hearts for extra effort – like theme or special wrapping, and be patient with the post office (I liked that comment from another swap). If your partner has more than one daughter, split the gifts evenly. Don't have daughters? Then give the gift you receive to a niece, neighbor or friend's daughter but join in on the fun. Shopping and crafting for girls is SO much fun!!

NEWBIES Please message me first and have your profiles well filled in.

Happy swapping!!


Pooch said...

I have three boxes filled for Samaritan's purse, so I'm feeling good about that! :)

The swap I'm interested in is the second one for one of my grandaughters. Is it possible to participate directly with you rather than SwapBot or does it have to go through there?

Thanks for great ideas!!


Anonymous said...

I would love to join, but I'm spread way too thin as it is right now... perhaps the next time!

Good luck with it!

- Your SP11 pal

Crochetoholic Debb said...

I am also thin this time of year, but I am giving at my church. Great Idea though I loike it...


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