Saturday, October 20, 2007

Women of Faith Review

Here's a very tired looking picture of me and my friend Di at the Women of Faith conference last weekend (check out the backstage passes). I had a wonderful time being behind-the- scenes and escorting Luci Swindoll around. She was very nice and so low-maintenance ... no diva here! We had just the best seats, too, sitting front row just behind the "porch". I had to get used to actually looking at stage rather than the tv monitors! As part of a thank you for volunteering, we got to attend the Friday pre-conference for free (front row again) and Sheila Walsh and Dr. Henry Cloud presented "God has a Dream for Your Life". Then Amazing Freedom began with all the regular speakers (Patsy, Marilyn, Sheila, Thelma, Luci) plus dramatist Nicole Johnson, Anita Renfroe (the Momsense song) who was HILARIOUS, Nichole Nordeman and Sandi Patty with special guest Lisa Smith.
Lisa is a young woman (well, 32 is younger than me anyway) who has Downs Syndrome and a gift for signing to music. I had the privilege of helping Di as she led her and her sweet mother up to sign autographs and was able to use a little sign language with some members of the deaf community who wanted a picture. I don't remember as much sign as I thought! LOL!!

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vegasangelbrat said...

Hello Shawnee!! I'm so glad you and your friend had such a great time, sonds like you two had lots of fun!


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