Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ITE IV Bag Sent

My downstream partner received her bag, so I feel safe to post this now -
Here's a picture of the felted crochet Beads, Welts and Popcorns Bag that I sent to Kris. This was only the second time I've used beads in a project, and I really like how this turned out!

Lookin' forward to ITE5!

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Anonymous said...

Oh that is so gorgeous, Shawnee! I was cruising around on crochetville, where I am just a villager now .. haven't been a member for a while but I love the group, so fun! Was trying to find out if I had a membership to crafters think I do.. but at my old email.
Your bag is gorgeous, I love the purple. I have never felted before, but you make it look so easy! I would love to try a swap after I get the hang of it.. is it hard to figure out? What do you think is the easiest pattern to start with. I love love love the popcorn and BEADS in purple and black, really pretty. Gosh you are a true fiber arteeest! Nice work,

Jill in WA
Thimble on the 'ville ;)

Lea said...

I love the bag... I wish I had talent to do bags always turn out rotten!!


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