Saturday, May 26, 2007

New House

We are smack dab in the middle of a move to a different home ... This house, as humble as it is, has been a huge answer to prayer. We are moving to a 1893 vintage farm house on two acres in Wilsonville, just five miles from where we now live.

I have been praying for a house just like this, that:
  • is affordable ... we have free well water/septic system, plus we're able to store items in the barn so can close our expensive storage unit;
  • allows both my (deceased) Dad's dog (Ringo) and Tess's cat (Marvin) -- we were looking at needing to put down our 16-yo American Eskimo and won't need to;
  • is bigger than the postage-stamp-sized ones I've been seeing -- even though the kitchen is smaller than we like, there is 2,000+ sq ft in the farm house;
  • feels safe since Mike works odd shifts -- it is on 2+ acres, we're able to see for great distance and we share a driveway with another couple who will notice comings and goings;
  • is close enough that we stay at Rolling Hills -- we're just a few miles on the other side of church, and have easy access to I205 so my workday commute will be approx. the same;
  • and they accepted our application -- the agencies are cutthroat, plus require $3k - $4k to get into rentals.

    Plus, Tatum absolutely loves this tire swing behind the house, and all the farm animals on neighboring properties. No horses, though -- darn.

    There are a few negatives that we are working around:
  • in addition to the small kitchen, all the doorways are only 31" or less so we'll have some fun trying to get our big furniture and appliances into the farm house - AND the kitchen has pink striped wallpaper;
  • only one bathroom, albiet large .. 'nuff said;
  • Mike (with his weak ankles) will have to navigate stairs since the master bedroom and little T's room are both upstairs, plus Ringo cannot get up the stairs so will have to be content guarding the stairwell;

  • it desperately needs painted and cleaned, and we don't have time before moving in --- the girls and I were out there scrubbing trim and walls today but have quite a bit left to do. Ugg ... feel free to come help anytime this holiday weekend. =) BUT, it is so much nicer than 90% of the homes I looked at before getting this one! Course, this also means a new school for Tates (bye-bye Byrom, Hello Boeckman), a new phone number (ugh) and a new ISP --- we might have only dial-up available!! [gasp]

  • One of the most special things about the farm is something I found on Mother's Day. A little background: Mike was unemployed for almost two years and we ended up selling our first home that we had purchased after my mother died in 1997, with funds from my parents so that my dad could live with us. We took care of him for several years until his health required living in the VA nursing home about 90 minutes away. We visited him every other weekend for two years, and he passed away six years ago tomorrow. So, selling our old house and moving into a rental felt like I was losing a last link with my parents, but I was so grateful that we had the opportunity to raise our children in that home. So, on this past Sunday - Mother's Day - I was showing our newest house to Mike's mom and found this buried near the front porch:
    It felt like a sign from my mom -- she had a HUGE collection of frogs -- and it seemed like she was saying, "We're right here, honey .. it's gonna be all right."

    So I really am excited to move, donate to Goodwill a ton of stuff that we don't need, and then slowly decorate our new home for a fresh start. I'd love for at least some of the house to look like the kitchen below, at vintage rose collection dot com. At least we already have pink walls!
    No, not MY kitchen but I want one just like it!


    vegasangelbrat said...

    Aw Shawnee, Congrats sweetie on your new place!! Your right on with that buried item being a sign :) They never leave us, they watch out for us!!
    Know with time too you'll get the house nice and homey and the way you want.

    monique said...

    I just found your wonderful blog today, it's a very nice blog and you made lots of beautiful things!
    Your new house looks absolutely beautiful!!!!!
    I will stop by more.

    Dandy said...

    Shawnee congrats on your new home... it's great having your own place!!! I love that you found the frog stone thing... it's truley a sign that they're there with you!


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