Saturday, March 03, 2007

Is This Tote Yours?

International Tote Exchange III:
Well, the bag is felted, ribbon is woven and this baby's ready to mail off to parts unknown (cross country even!). I absolutely love how this blocked and dried. I stretched it over a round popcorn tin, and got the best crease ever (which is what the bottom right picture is). It's been so much fun finding goodies that will make my partner smile.

Oh no, I just realized that means ITE3 is almost over for me. That makes me sad!! On a brighter note, I haven't received my tote yet so I still am allowed to anticipate and dream. Every gorgeous bag the ladies post (hope they post more pictures!!) makes me wonder, is it that one? Or that amazing one? It is such a talented group. Thanks, ladies, for letting this crocheter participate.

Shawnee in Oregon

Pattern purchased from Marlo's Crochet Corner.

1 comment:

Minivanmomma said...

Oh that is so beautiful! Is there a link to a pattern to make one like it? I love how the ribbon looks!


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