Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy Hookers Exchanges

I participated in the January 15 to February 14 exchanges at HappyHooker- A Crocheter's Paradise. My special occasion partner, Mimi, sent me a wonderful package with a love bug, some delicious chocolates, a red doily/coaster that I keep on my desk at work and 50 First Dates (I might even have forgotten something!). So much fun! I sent a package to Carol with Hearts In a Row scarf, a book and a few other goodies.

In the Quick Wearables, Sally and I exchanged hats. Sally's hat to me is just a gorgeous one -- check it out on Tatum. My head is mega-large so I'm negotiating for the pattern to make my own hot hat. She also gave me a great Grilling Girls cookbook that I can't wait to try out. You might even see a recipe or two in one of our cooking sessions.

I made Sally a pill box-like hat with a brim made from a fun yarn called Feathers, and included some goodies: mini teddy, bath set, "S" post-its, "S" journal, and some Skittles. Sad story about the skittles - they pulled out one of Sally's crowns! Isn't that horrible!! Note to self: no sticky candies in surprise packages!!

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